Welcome to the International Abrahamic Forum!

The ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum is an expression of ICCJ’s commitment to Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue. Historically, the ICCJ has concentrated on the vital work of enduring dialogue between Christians and Jews, a project of critical importance that remains the core of its mission. Bilateral Christian-Jewish dialogue will continue to be an indispensable activity because of the complexity of relations between the two communities for the past two thousand years.

In the meantime, however, and especially in the last decades as we have experienced a “shrinking world” in which contact and communication between the world’s many religious cultures and communities are increasing exponentially, we have learned that the dialogue needs to expand beyond our current Jewish-Christian project. This is particularly the case with respect the Muslim community, the second largest religious community on earth. The need for deeper and improved understanding between us all is clear, and the ICCJ responded some years ago by developing and supporting a parallel trilateral dialogue. We are continuing with that trilateral commitment in our present iteration. Our efforts will not diminish the abiding commitment to Christian-Jewish dialogue, but they allow us to learn and grow and improve our mutual understanding through inclusion of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

The new IAF leadership team is currently developing a renewed approach to dialogue. That new approach will include the traditional IAF component to the current ICCJ Annual Meetings. It will also include a renewed effort to engage young people in the dialogue. Of particular importance to our leadership team is the need to move beyond the clichés and niceties in order to learn from confronting the difficult stumbling blocks to dialogue and understanding. We are supported in our interests by the generosity of the ICCJ and the BMI as we work jointly to identify and overcome those difficulties that have been so difficult. 

We are excited about the challenges and we bring our entire hearts and souls to the vital aspiration of improved mutual understanding. Our goal in joining together is to build a sustainable world in which the divine imperative we all share for justice, peace and compassion will reign supreme.